TOWN HALL Chemnitz | march 28th AND 29th 2020



A festival for inspiration, creativity and innovation.

A Maker Faire is a platform where makers can present their projects to a large audience, from hobby projects to prototypes.
The focus is on letting guests touch and try things out. The Faire offers many interesting activity stations, which are supplemented by fascinating presentations and workshops.
Education is one our main goals. Children and students get a creative and playful introduction to science, technology and a passion for working with materials and tools. The most important thing is to have fun.
The Faire also indirectly generates interest in the classical STEM fields. A Maker Faire combines traditional industrial arts with next-generation technologies like the Internet of Things.

28 MARCH 2020


​29 MARCH 2020



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Steampunk finds a home in a city that once produced steam engines and locomotives.


Inventors and tinkerers have called Chemnitz home for over 200 years. The city is a vibrant technology hub that is continually reinventing itself. Historical factory buildings and workers’ residences in the Wilhelminian style line the streets, a reminder that this was Germany’s most important manufacturing region at the end of the 19th century. After the War, modernist architects left behind many distinctive structures and buildings, not to mention the second-largest bust in the world. Today, though, there’s more than just history in the air. Global market leaders, high-tech companies, research and development institutions and over 10,000 students of the Chemnitz University of Technology call this city home.

The Faire will appeal to the over 4 million people living in the state of Saxony, which includes the metropolitan cities of Leipzig and Dresden, as well as surrounding regions like the Ore Mountains. Visitors from Poland and the Czech Republic are also expected.

Maker Faire Sachsen will be held in the Stadthalle event hall, which is situated between the gigantic Karl Marx Monument and the Chemnitz Town Hall, known affectionately as the “Cradle of German Patent Law”. Here patently creative folks will gather for a weekend of inspiration, creativity and innovation at this family-friendly festival.

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How does a Maker Faire work?

Whether it’s technology, industrial arts or retail products, whether it’s a hobby or scientific research, whether you do it at home, at school, in a makerspace, at a university, in a research institute or at a company, Maker Faire is the place where like-minded people can gather in front of a large audience.

The makers gather together, present their projects to the public, make contacts and converse with one another. Children, students and adults get a creative and playful introduction to science, technology and a passion for working with materials and tools.


There are two types of booths at a Maker Faire: those that offer retail sales and those that do not. If you are a private manufacturer of creative products, the Maker Faire gives you the opportunity to not only present your products but also to sell them. Only those makers who conduct retail sales pay for their booth. Fab Labs, makerspaces and hackerspaces, open workshops and other exhibits are also among the private makers that are entitled to a free booth.


You want to show private projects and share your thoughts with  others?
This is free of charge.

You do not want to sell anything but cover the material costs of your private offer?
You can participate free of charge and make a donation box.

You want to sell and advertise products that you produce and distribute from your garage with less than 5 employees?
This is considered a retail sale. The small sale is possible against a low stand fee.

Are your products commercially available or do you have thematically matching products?
Feel free to advertise and sell on the spot as part of our sponsoring packages.

​For companies and their employees, Maker Faire is a festival of innovation and inspiration. It also provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can introduce yourself to original thinkers and technology enthusiasts, make contact with future employees and colleagues and get the creative public excited about your products.
​We have a range of different packages to offer you. Feel free to contact us!


The Maker Faire originated in the USA. The Americans call it “The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth”. Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair and part something entirely new. It is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness.
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MAKE: Magazine

The Make: magazine and online channel present DIY projects from all over the world and offer a platform for this growing community to present to readers guides and home-made projects from old and new hardware, microcontrollers, electronic components and many other materials.
​The goal of Make: is to inspire readers and to give them the knowledge they need to understand the technology, to get involved themselves and to let their own technological imagination run free.
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Around the World

The first Maker Faire took place in 2006 in San Mateo, California, and it was organised by the publishers of the American Make magazine. This Bay Area event has since grown into a platform for 900 makers and more than 130,000 visitors. There are now over 150 such events worldwide.
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Sponsors and Supporters

The "Maker Faire Sachsen" is supported by the "Fachkräfteallianz Chemnitz" and co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget decided by the members of the Saxon state parliament.